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Creating lifelong memories for your group and helping you achieve your business objectives is what we get out of bed for – so we love nothing more than reading the feedback you send us on your return. For an idea of the clients we are proud to have worked with and the experiences they have had, please see below.

It’s getting harder and harder to deliver something that no one has done before but that’s where Black Tomato has the edge. They get the brief, understand the audience and deliver a seamless end-to-end programme with minimum intervention from the client.

I thought the holiday was outstanding, and that was due in no small part to your creativity, planning and then relentless execution. It’s important to us that you enjoy it too, and we definitely got the impression that you did. Thank you…

Nothing was ever an issue. I’m confident our winners and hosts share my gratitude for you in making the trip what it was; perfect…

It really did come down to teamwork between us and the BT team and we are just absolutely delighted about the outcome. Thank you…

Alaska is a place that I would not normally think to visit but I’m so happy to have done so and to be part of this amazing trip was an absolute honour…

[The trip] perfectly combined every element that an incentive trip should have: adventure, luxury, relaxation and culture, not once was I bored and the organisation was impeccable…

I can’t think of anything over the entire time that didn’t come off with the entire team having a wonderful set of memories in the end.  Thank you so much for everything…

On all the events I’ve operated in my career, this was by far and away the most happy I have ever been with the service I’ve received as a client…

Our account manager was superb; a consummate professional with a wonderful sense of humour and appetite for fun. Nothing was ever too much trouble for him and he genuinely made the experience better…

Kate and myself had an absolute BLAST over in London. The experience of walking the red carpet was just unbelievable. Once again it was a pleasure meeting you…

I’m really happy with how the competition was run, and how quickly and easily my prize was arranged for me, with absolutely no effort on my part. It was a real treat…

We had an amazing time, enjoyed every moment of it. Thank you for all your organizing and preparation for our trip, it was brilliant with no complaints!  It was definitely a life time experience, thanks again to you and your team…

Just want to say thank you so much for getting this sorted and all your help along the way. You’ve been so helpful and patient through my many questions and queries. The holiday was amazing…

You made everything very easy, and it felt like you moved mountains in order to accommodate all our changes and kept us constantly informed with all the trips details. Thank you – you organised an excellent trip…

I would like to thank you for helping to organise such a wonderful and memorable weekend. The highlight was obviously training with Mo, but I think I speak for all of the other winners when I say that we had a great time from start to finish…

The brief we gave you was to fill our days with activities and wonder, with a smidgen of alcohol thrown in…and the feedback from our “needy” trippers is that our epic adventure to Iceland was the best trip we have ever hosted…

The slickness of your operation, the genuine interest shown from your people and your obvious credentials and experience really stood out…

The Black Tomato Agency made the process so easy, from the concepts to the fulfilment. The passion they showed in both sport and travel ensured our incentive exceeded our expectations…

Absolutely amazing having The Black Tomato Agency on board and helping with both the organising and the event itself. You guys really helped this in being our best trip ever, and I promise you that’s saying something; we’ve had some very good trips…

Black Tomato totally exceeded expectations. Unquestionably the best three days of my life. You guys really helped in making this the best trip we’ve ever had, and that’s saying something…

The Black Tomato Agency has redefined what an incentive trip is all about. We were really able to turn our brains off for a week whilst your team arranged everything…

I can’t express enough my sincere appreciation for The Black Tomato Agency’s efforts in making the trip such a success…

A one of kind incentive that we will remember for years to come. Black Tomato offer an impeccable service from the initial briefing stage to the final stages of delivery – organised to a tee…

I can’t begin to thank The Black Tomato Agency enough for everything they have done to ensure that this was a real once in a life time experience, which it definitely was…

Credit where credit is due, superb events, superbly organised by super individuals…

Thank you for a tremendous event.  By making the programme so successful you helped us achieve the commercial objectives we set and rallied the entire dealer network behind us…

A truly unforgettable experience, exhilarating and exceedingly enjoyable. The first time I saw the Great White coming towards the cage will always stay with me. Thank you for organizing an incredibly well thought out trip. A trip that will never be forgotten…

We simply cannot fault the trip, we had an amazing time. The excursions, surprises, accommodation, timetable, everything was all perfect…

A truly memorable experience, both enlightening and incredibly enjoyable, and incredibly well organised. It has changed my understanding of Africa, and I can’t wait to go back…

I can’t thank you all enough for the MASSIVE effort you have all put it to creating a truly phenomenal weekend for us all. It was everything that we hoped it would be, plus a whole lot more. You’ve all been fantastic…

I know that as a company, our expectations are so so high and the fact that the only words I am hearing used to describe the trips are, awesome, amazing, fantastic etc… is a huge testament to you guys and all that you do…

Absolutely fantastic! I feel very privileged to have been on this trip. We were so well looked after by the team. The activities, events and experiences were so well organised…

I have nothing negative in the way of feedback as you had every fine detail sorted. I had a fantastic time, you lined up a perfect mix of things to do and a little down time to recover. The whole team made the trip a success and hope to see you all next year…

The breadth and creativity of ideas provided by The Black Tomato Agency were spot on and are now a highly valuable tool in motivating our staff year on year…

You guys were incredibly professional and calm at every potential flash point as well as being flexible and approachable in regards to the itinerary…

You are a truly fab bunch of people who made working in Morocco a real pleasure. Thank you all for your hard work, commitment to getting the job done and most importantly your collective sense of humour…

What a joy it was to work with your team and the end result spoke for itself. The feedback from our customers and partners about the event is absolutely fantastic…

Pampered Chef
EA Games
Virgin Media
Channel 4
Discovery Channel
Jonnie Walker
De Dietrich
Warner Brothers
20th Century Fox
Lions Gate
American Express
Carphone Warehouse
Active International
Coca Cola
Dimension Data
Billington Cartmel
Sporting Bet
Comms Care
TDR Capital

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